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Books by Steven Hunt


To date, I have published five well-received and influential books with Bloomsbury Academic:

  • Starting to Teach Latin (2016)

  • Forward with Classics (2018), with Arlene Holmes-Henderson and Mai Musié

  • Teaching Classics with Technology (2019), with Bartolo Natoli

  • Communicative Approaches for Ancient Languages (2021), with Mair Lloyd

  • Teaching Latin: Contexts, Theories and Practices (2022)


Starting to Teach Latin has been revised and updated for publication of a second edition in 2023. 


Other forthcoming titles include Teaching Classics Around The World (2024) with J. Bulwer, Everyone's Classics: Inclusive Classics Teaching in the School Classroom (c.2025) with Aisha Khan-Evan, and Starting To Teach Classics (date to be confirmed). 


I developed the mythology sections of the new secondary school Latin course book Suburani, was educational consultant for The Argo Odyssey by Splinter productions for BBC Bitesize, and developed classical civilisation materials for Classics for All. I am also an advisor for Oak National Academy.

Teaching Latin

Teaching Latin: Contexts, Theories and Practices

“This is the book I wish I had when I first started teaching Latin!”

Communicative Approaches for  Ancient Languages.jpg

Communicative Approaches for Ancient Languages

“...a welcome (and indeed overdue) contribution to the discussion of language pedagogy in Classics”


Teaching Classics with Technology

“an inspiration to countless teachers”


Forward with Classics

“a must-read for anyone interested in how the subject will survive the next 100 years”


Starting to Teach Latin

“a valuable, indeed invaluable book”

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