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Consultancy & training

Training for Schools


Steven regularly provides training for teachers in both the primary and secondary sectors. He can provide 1:1 professional mentoring for teachers as well as training days and workshops.


The following courses are available; alternatively, he can design bespoke courses on request.




  • Starting to teach Latin or Greek in the primary sector: planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment (full staff training or 1:1)

  • Creativity and Classical languages

  • Cross-curricular learning: Latin, Greek and the KS2 National Curriculum for History 

  • Literacy through Latin: the evidence and how to implement it


Steven is also an official trainer for the Minimus primary Latin course.


  • Starting Latin / Greek / Classics at KS3-4-5: planning, resources, pedagogy and assessment

  • Latin/Greek for gifted and talented students and for students with SEN

  • Planning the curriculum: timetable allocation, scheme of work, assessment planning, resources

  • Cross-curricular Classics: making links with other subject areas

  • Trips to classical sites and museums

  • Setting up and running a ‘Greek Club’: resources, planning and next steps

  • Latin to GCSE in 2 years: what to teach, what to leave out and how to sustain motivation

  • Teaching Latin three ways: grammar-translation, reading-comprehension or spoken

  • Understanding the GCSE Latin and Greek examinations mark-scheme

  • Bringing the ‘background’ to the front: preparing students for civilisation and history examinations

  • Using information and communication technology in Classics teaching

  • Best practices for learning vocabulary

  • Advice for applications for grants

Training for Universities

As well as lecturing at Cambridge and other universities, Steven often advises outside bodies, including the DfEACE, Classics for All and other organisations on the subject of classics teacher training at postgraduate level. As a result, he can offer talks on many aspects of Classics teacher education and Classics education more widely. He has given talks on the following topics and is happy to deliver bespoke talks if required. 

  • Classics and information and communication technology – where will it go next?

  • The UK examination system, and how Classics fits into it

  • What exactly is Classics?

  • Does Classics have a future?

  • How to become a Classics teacher – all routes

  • Cambridge Latin Course IS comprehensible input

  • Classics is not dead – teaching Latin and Greek communicatively


Steven provides a number of consultancy services including:

  • Curriculum review and design

  • Advising on grants applications in Classics

  • Writing reports, handbooks and training materials 

  • Continuing professional development for educators 

  • Bespoke training sessions for policy makers, governors, school leaders and teachers

  • Independent monitoring visits with teaching/learning focus – providing detailed feedback and progress planning (both schools and universities)


Further information

Fees are per half day or per full day. For more information get in touch.



“On behalf of us all thank you for our leap into Latin on Friday.  You have inspired us to inspire our pupils.”


Andrew Smith, The Rawlett School, Tamworth


“Your session was really useful and has definitely made us evaluate how we tackle Book 3 and the CLC in general!”


Rebecca Rothwell, Bentley Wood School

“Thank you very much for coming to Hove for the day last Thursday! It was really useful and you gave me loads of ideas: both for practical teaching (used today for Salvius consilium cognoscit) and general inspiration!”


Lucy Bruen, Blatchington Mill School


“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for inspiration, support and, to be honest, fun I had with the training on the Latin literature part of the GCSE... Your characterisation of the task as the study of a work of art has really stuck. Extracts from book 4 and 6 of the Aeneid await us and we are really looking forward to it.”


Martin Hartigan, Fulham Boys' School

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