Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN 9781350161375

Published 5th May 2022

Teaching Latin: Contexts, Theories, Practices

By Steven Hunt

Teaching Latin

Building on and updating some of the issues addressed in Starting to Teach Latin, Steven Hunt provides a guide for novice and more experienced teachers of Latin in schools and colleges, who work with adapted and original Latin prose texts from beginners' to advanced levels. It draws extensively on up-to-date theories of second language development and on multiple examples of the practices of real teachers and students. Hunt starts with a detailed look at deductive, inductive and active teaching methods, which support teachers in making the best choices for their students' needs and for their own personal preferences, but goes on to organise the book around the principles of listening, reading, speaking and writing Latin. It is designed to be informative, experimental and occasionally provocative. The book closes with two chapters of particular contemporary interest: 'Access, Diversity and Inclusion' investigates how the subject community is meeting the challenge of teaching Latin more equitably in today's schools; and 'The Future' offers some thoughts on lessons that have been learnt from the experiences of online teaching practices during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

With practical examples and extensive references, teachers of Latin will find this book an invaluable tool inside and outside of the classroom.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Latin Language Teaching and Learning
Chapter 2: Listening
Chapter 3: Reading
Chapter 4: Speaking
Chapter 5: Writing
Chapter 6: Access, Diversity and Inclusion
Chapter 7: The Future – is Digital?

Appendix 1: Abbreviations
Appendix 2: Resources
Appendix 3: Comparison of UK and US School Systems