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Books and chapters in books

Hunt, S. and Bulwer, J. (2024 forthcoming). Teaching Classics in Schools Worldwide. Bloomsbury, London.


Hunt, S. (2023). Starting to Teach Latin. Bloomsbury, London. Second, revised and updated edition


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Lloyd, M. and Hunt, S. (Eds.) (2021). Communicative Approaches for Ancient Languages. Bloomsbury, London.

  • Introduction.

  • Active Latin Teaching for the Inclusive Classroom (pp. 55-66).

Natoli, B. and Hunt, S. . (Eds.) (2019). Teaching Classics with Technology. Bloomsbury, London.

  • Introduction.

  • On stage and screen: ‘Big Book’ Latin and dialogic teaching (pp. 193-206).

Holmes-Henderson, A. , Hunt, S. and Musie, M. (Eds.) (2018). Forward with Classics. Bloomsbury, London.

  • Introduction.

  • Classics and the social justice agenda of the Coalition Government 2010-2015 (pp. 9-26).

  • Latin is Not Dead: Communicative Approaches to Teaching Latin in the US (pp. 89-108).

  • Conclusion.

Hunt, S. (2016). Starting to Teach Latin. Bloomsbury, London.


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