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Websites, podcasts and blogs

Here are some websites of interest to Classics teachers. They are grouped into three sections:

In addition to the blogs listed below, you may also be interested in the articles and journals mentioned on this site. 

The author of this website Steven Hunt bears no responsibility for the functioning or accuracy of these links.

General interest

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50 must-read Greek mythology books

Nikki Vanry of BookRiot suggests the top 50 books on Greek mythology



Antiquity in Contemporary Popular Culture

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Ashmolean Latin Inscription Project

Nikki Vanry of BookRiot suggests the top 50 books on Greek mythology

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Informed Choices

The Russell Group's website showing which subjects to study for each degree

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Make Beliefs Comix

An online comic strip creator

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Panoply Vase Animation Project

Animations of Greek pottery to aid students’ access to the ancient world

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An up-to-date list of links to podcasts about the ancient world

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Storyboard That

An online storyboard creator, including classical backgrounds and characters


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Basil Batrakhos

Basil Batrakhos (Basil the frog) is a new course book for 11-13 year olds starting ancient Greek. The book is free to download online here.

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Greek Myth Comix

Comic book versions of Greek myths

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British Museum videos

The British Museum Curator's Corner video channel on YouTube

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Hands Up Education

A number of different free and online resources for primary Latin

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Lego Grand Designs

Design and build a Greek house with Lego



Videos on Classical topics given by university lecturers

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A KS2 Latin course, with a story based in Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall

Smart History.jpg

Smart History

Art History videos on Ancient Mediterranean objects

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Teaching History with 100 Objects

British Museum website with resources, images and teacher’s advice on how to use the materials.


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Ben Slavic

TPRS and comprehensible input training for all languages

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Embedded Reading

Clarcq and Whaley's ideas about embedded reading

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Gaming The Past

Jeremiah McCall's work on gaming and the teaching of history

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The Inclusive Latin Classroom

A blog by a group of Latin teachers from all over the United States who have embraced the theories and practices that make up Comprehensible Input. 


Indwelling Language

Justin Slocum Bailey's website

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Latin Novellas

A useful list of over 40 Latin Novellas

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Stephen D. Krashen

Books and articles by Stephen Krashen on comprehensible input

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Todally Comprehensible Latin

Keith Toda has much to say about CI. Check the tab on CI strategies.

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A blog examining second language acquisition (SLA) issues, ideas and methods

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