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Novellas and resources for fluency reading in Classical languages


The following resources have been developed over the last few years by teachers of Latin and ancient Greek for use with beginning and intermediate learners of Latin and ancient Greek in schools.

Steven Hunt bears no responsibility for the content or advice given in them.

Articles about writing and using novellas

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Latin novellas

In preparation

Cato Minor: Puer Fortis et Immobilis  John Bruce Fowler III. 2021 

Cato Minor: Puer Inversus et Pendulus John Bruce Fowler III. 2021 

Tarpeia: Puella Invidiosa John Bruce Fowler III. 2021 

Cadmus: A Latin Novella  John Bruce Fowler III. 2022

Belua Neptuni. Michael Dibycz. 2023.

Hyacinthus Michael Hirschler 2022

Familia Mala: Saturnus et Iuppiter Andrew Olimpi 2018

Duo Fratres: Familia Mala Volumen II Andrew Olimpi 2020

Pandora: Familia Mala Volumen III: A Latin Novella. Andrew Olimpi. 2020

Via Periculosa: A Latin Novella. Andrew Olimpi. 2018

ego, Polyphemus. Andrew Olimpi.  2018

Labyrinthus: A Latin Novella Andrew Olimpi 2018

Vox in Tenebris: A Latin Novella Andrew Olimpi 2020

Lars Romam Odit Andrew Olimpi 2020

Idus Martiae Andrew Olimpi 2021

Iter Icari William J Simpson 2014

Cloelia, puella Romana. Ellie Arnold. 2016

Polypus Fur: A Latin Novella Rachel Beth Cunning 2022

Greek novellas

In preparation

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