Resources: Videos

Here are some videos of interest to Classics teachers.

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On the importance of studying Classics


Ian Hislop, Editor of satirical magazine Private Eye, explains the importance of studying Classics


Using fables to activate Latin


A talk from Erin McKenna Hanses on how to use fables to activate Latin 

Children in Roman Britain


Bettany Hughes looks at the life of children in Roman Britain

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Cambridge Latin Course


Some examples of me teaching Book 1 Stage 6 'Felix'

Making Greek vases


A film from the Getty Museum about Ancient Greek vases and how to make them


The Lararium


Steven Hunt (2007)

The value of Latin


A TEDx talk from Ryan Sellers on the value of Latin


The Circus Maximus


Steven Hunt (2007)


Ancient Latin Textbooks


Eleanor Dickey’s lecture to the Roman Society on the subject of her research into ancient Latin textbooks.


The Mystery Cult of Isis


Steven Hunt (2007)