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Here are some notes and documents of interest to those teaching - or considering teaching - classical subjects. 

Classics from 5-16












This pamphlet was the last time that the UK government published anything serious about classics teaching in schools. It sets out the aims and rationale for the study of the subjects, and established the principles which teachers and university academics at the time considered appropriate for the study of classical subjects at the school level.

The pamphlet contains the following chapters. It is not currently available so I have provided a copy here

  • Preface iv

  • Introduction 1

  • The nature and scope of the subject 2

  • The aims of classics teaching 4

  • Classical Civilisation 5

  • Objectives in the primary and early secondary years 5

  • Planning and organisation in the primary and early secondary years 10

  • Objectives in GCSE-related work 14

  • Planning and organisation of GCSE-related work 16

  • Principles of teaching and learning 18

  • Classical languages 20

  • Context 20

  • Objectives in the early stages 22

  • Objectives at the GCSE stage 26

  • Principles of teaching and learning 29

  • Differentiation 33

  • Assessment 36

  • Conclusion 39

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Classics for All












A guide from Steven Hunt to setting up Classics in primary and secondary schools.

For details of how to apply for a grant to set up classics in your school (UK only), please follow this link.