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Summer Schools and Courses in Classical Subjects

This is a list of Summer Schools and other courses regularly held for learning about the classical world. Some of them are language courses, others more general. The author does not bear responsibility for the content or manner in which the courses are held.

Language Courses

Association for Latin Teaching (ARLT) Summer School. (UK) here

Classical association of Ireland Summer School TBA

JSST Latin Summer School (Harrogate, UK) here

JSST Greek and Latin Summer School (Durham, UK) here

JSST Greek Summer School (Bryanston, UK) here

H M Classics Academy (Belfast Summer School, UK) here

London Summer School in Classics (University College / King's College, UK) TBA

London Summer school in Homer (University College, UK) TBA

Non-language courses

Ancient Philosophy Summer School (London) TBA

Classics Outreach Summer School (London, UK) TBA

East London Classics Summer School here

JSST Classical Civilisation and Ancient History Summer School (UK) here

Sutton Trust Summer School TBA

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