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Classics and Maker Education


Books and articles about teaching and learning about the ancient world through making and doing

Steven Hunt bears no responsibility for the content or advice given in them.

Articles, books, blogs and podcasts 

Chapinal-Heras D, Díaz-Sánchez C, España-Chamorro S, et al. (2023). Photogrammetry and 3D modelling in university teaching. A case study applied to the history degree. Journal of Classics Teaching. 24(48):133-142.
Diemke J. (2022). Teaching about the senses in antiquity: exploring the ancient world of scents through recreating ancient perfumes. Journal of Classics Teaching. 23(46):117-120
Jazwa K. A. (2017). Hands-on Learning for Classics: Building an Effective, Long-term Project. Journal of Classics Teaching.18(36):1-7.
Judson, A. (2023). [Blog] Experimenting with tablet-making. Cambridge Core Blog.

Lawrence, C. (2023). Writing Londinium with the Five Senses. TRAJ. 

Roy N. (2019). Making a StINK with STEM in the Classics Classroom: Exploring Ancient Roman Writing through Experimental Archaeology. Journal of Classics Teaching. 20(40):14-19. 

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