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Interview with Bettany Hughes about the importance of teaching Classics

Runciman Award website

Profile of Mark Zuckerberg in which he mentions his lifelong fascination with Ancient Rome, particularly Augustus

Evan Osnos / New Yorker

Parents signing up for Latin lessons to give their children the edge at school

Robert Mendick / The Telegraph

Interview with Bill VanPatten: three most important things for SLA classroom practice

Karen Rowan / IFJLT

Smash Doodle for the Latin Classroom

John P. Piazza

Do we need to do "post-reading" activities?


Spoken Latin in the Works of C.S. Lewis

Tom Hendrickson / In Medias Res

The research supporting the comprehensible input hypothesis and C. I. instruction

Chris Stoltz / TPRS Q&A

But didn't you do grammar-translation?

Seumus Macdonald / The Patrologist

Lingua Latina per se illustrata (Orberg's account of his own work) 

Hans Orberg / ARLT

The cult of Mary Beard

Charlotte Higgins / The Guardian

Classical Allusions and Literary Techniques in the Music of Jay-Z

Samuel Ortencio Flores / Society for Classical Studies

Students learn to speak Latin, 'the un-dead language'

Zoe Greenberg / Boston Globe

Non-elite Latin for the classroom

Brandon Conley / Sententiae Antique

Is "reading" Latin impossible?

Tom Keeline / Latinium

A guide to how to do a MovieTalk


Classics between prosperity and crisis: Greek and Latin education in 21st-century Holland

Bas van Bommel / Addisco

Language and Language Teaching

Stephen Krashen et al.

The Rebellion of the 1%

Magister Bracey

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